Super Cheese

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Both sweet and acrid, “Super Cheese” comes from the lineage of the famous “Cheese” flower as the name suggests. If you’ve been having a long day, this strain will soothe your body. The high of the latter will cause you a feeling of relaxation and well-being which will allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

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Discover our selection of strains of cannabis plants renowned for their high CBD content. Do you want to consume CBD directly from its source? We provide you with no less than 10 varieties, in the form of resin or buds. Our plants come from Switzerland and are grown outdoors or in greenhouses depending on the species.

Rich in CBD, the percentage of cannabidiol can reach up to 22% depending on the product selected. These plants also have many virtues and each variety has very specific properties (energizing, relaxing, helping concentration, etc.)

The buds can be smoked (pure, or mixed with a specialized plant mixture), inhaled in a vaporizer or consumed as an infusion. The resin can be smoked mixed with a mixture of specialized plants. We deliver everywhere in France and Europe. We also offer a delivery service throughout the Lyon region.

Description:  CBD, naturally present in cannabis plants, has been famous for centuries for its many virtues, which benefit both body and mind. The ally of your long working days, consuming CBD regularly would help you stay focused and alert, without giving you any unpleasant arousal effects.